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Home Search

Oshin Reality Pvt. Ltd., through its established network of realtors, assists in sourcing suitable accommodation in accordance with personal preference and corporate policy. We provide guidance including accompanied visits, which allows you to make an informed housing choice in you new location and helps you with, lease negotiations, legal review, agreement registration and all move-in formalities. To know more mail us on

City Familiarization

This program is for prospect assignees those have not accepted an assignment and need an overview of the available infrastructure, housing, schooling, medical and educational facilities. Oshin Reality Pvt. Ltd. can deliver customized orientation and preview services to you and your family ensuring you have a good understanding of your new surroundings.

Our Consultants provide up-to-date information about the local neighborhoods, housing market and schools as well as an overview of the local customs and the city’s facilities & amenities.
We preview a selection of schools and homes, all tailored to your situation, allowing you to get a real-life understanding of how day-to-day life would be. To know more mail us on

School Search

At Oshin Reality Pvt. Ltd. we understand that finding a suitable school for your child can be a daunting and stressful process. We aim to guide and advice on the variety of schools that may be available. We offer comprehensive support from day one by identifying suitable educational facilities and curriculum, monitoring waiting-lists, arranging accompanied tours of appropriate campuses and meeting with key personnel. To know more mail us on

Setting Search

Once an assignee has moved into their new home, the process of adjusting to the new city begins in earnest. For an assignee, attending to their family’s personal needs can be difficult in an unfamiliar environment. Everything from finding a family doctor to recruiting domestic help and from utility connections to shopping for groceries can become a challenge. This can complicate the relocation process and impact negatively on an assignee’s work performance. That’s why Oshin Reality Pvt. Ltd. offers a dynamic range of settling-in services that can help assignees feel at home in their new environment. To know more mail us on

Long Term Assignee

This is a comprehensive relocation program encompassing city familiarization, home-finding, settling-in and school search program. It is designed to get assignees and their families comfortable and in the right frame of mind in the destination city. To know more mail us on

Departure Search

As departure day approaches you need to know that you’ve got all the bases covered. Our departure assistance program does just that. We provide individuals and families with all the necessary services such as lease termination, dilapidation, recovery of security deposit, administrative services and support for complete peace of mind. Our service team takes ownership of this important stage of the relocation to ensure that nothing is overlooked as you prepare to embark on the next phase of your life. To know more mail us on

HHG Search

A very important part of any assignee move is the movement of personal effects and pets to the destination. We help you move your household goods from door step to door step so you don’t have to worry about moving of your household goods through our HHG moving partner. To know more mail us on